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Reconocimiento de formas y su aplicación a los procesos industriales robotizados

Referència: DPI2006-15542-C04-01
Finançament: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia
Període: des de 01/10/2006 fins a 30/09/2009
Director: Calera Rubio, Jorge
Membres: Gallego Sánchez, Antonio Javier
Gómez Ballester, Eva
Micó Andrés, María Luisa
Oncina Carratalá, Jose
Pastor Seva, Pedro
Requena Jiménez, Antonio
Verdú Más, José Luis
Sánchez Navarro, José Luis
Resumen del projecte:The present research Project is located in the fields 5 (Artificial Vision,
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition) and 9 (Fault detection and
diagnose and
Predictive Maintenance) of the Programa Nacional de Diseño y Producción
Industrial, and the proposal appears as an horizontal initiative
according to
the priorities of that programme. In addition to the adequacy and benefits
this project can provide, the proposed research programme has solid
foundations in
the achievements obtained by the groups involved in the projects
TIC2000-1703 TIC2003-08496 that are, at present, close to finish. Those
projects have produced visible positive results (high quality papers, a
national thematic network, very relevant participation at international
events, etc.). Those projects have
also provided a high degree of maturity in the specific research activity
for the participant groups and self-confidence in their capability develop
technological transfers to the industrial sector. This is one of the main
tasks those groups are committed to within the present proposal.
In order to achieve such an objective, the researches from the groups
have analyzed and detected the needs of the local industrial sector. In this
way we got to know the great importance for those companies to have
production systems that can automatically adapt to changing environmental
productive conditions. The techniques developed by the present groups can
provide effective solutions to those needs by means of a problem-specific
On the other hand, we are also committed to keep on researching on improving
those techniques for better efficiency, results validation and ease of use.
IN addition to this, we want to get involved in new research areas, of
recent popularity, like: Combining Pattern Classifiers and information
fusion, continuous learning, adaptive classification and non-conventional
techniques for data clustering and organization. Those techniques can, in
turn, help to improve some specific applications.

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